Work from home online jobs for students in india without investment 2021

Work from home online jobs for students in India without investment 2021
Work from home online jobs for students in India without investment 2021

A student can serve easily some work from home jobs living in India in 2021. Generally, a student wants to make money online by doing small stuff.

Here is a complete guide to earn money online without any investment. India is a big country where many students seek online jobs. But they actually do not know that there is a high potential to serve online by which they can afford very easily.

So, I think you are a student currently and you want to do something online. You are requested to believe that after reading whole this post you will get a good confidence in yourself that you will think you can do too.

What are the basics of work from home online jobs?

The basics are very simple. You need to have a good internet connection and some extra time. So, you do not need to make out some extra time to work online. You will get that time every day in the afternoon and at night.

However, make sure that you have a Facebook account. You scroll Facebook every day for quite a long time. But you never thought that with this gigantic social media you can earn money staying at home without paying a single amount of money.

First Tip of work from home online jobs for students:

Facebook Group –

Make a good Facebook profile. It does not look to be professional but should look to be as a student ID. Make a good and decent profile picture. These items are very simple and easy.

But if you really want to make money online without investment, you need to make a group.

Okay, it sounds awkward. But it will be much fun and interesting if you read the rest part of this post.

When you have a Facebook group and it has 1 lakh active members, what kinds of benefits will you get? I am telling you. You can directly earn money from your group by sponsoring other people’s pages and groups. And you cannot believe that it is a huge amount of money.

If you are able to give a page 10k likes within a month, you will get 200 USD. you can now convert it to Indian rupees and will get an idea. However, not only that you will then promote your own page. Once you will promote your Facebook page to 10k followers, you will be able to earn money from that page.

The requirements to earn from a Facebook page are to have 10k followers within 12 months and you have to post videos up to 3 minutes. If the Facebook authority grants your page, you will earn a huge amount of money every month staying at home.

Okay, now you can get some confusion that if a Facebook page can earn a huge amount of money, why am I talking about the Facebook group.

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I am explaining it and making you understand very easily.

Promoting a Facebook page is much more difficult than a Facebook group. If you are a celebrity person you can get thousands of followers within a day with just an announcement like Salman Khan. But if you are merely a student, you must need a Facebook group to promote a Facebook Page.

So, now the question is that how you can build a Facebook group community?

At first, you need to make sure in which topic you are interested. But probably you are joined many Facebook groups like meme groups or educational. You notice yourself, in which group you are wasting your time for long. You will get your answer.

If you get your answer, then make a Facebook group within your interest and promote it. That means invite some of your close friends to join your group. Make some of your friend’s moderators post in it regularly. Meet with those friends regularly and have a snack with them.

Now, you can ask me from where I will get the rest amount of the members?

The answer is very simple. You will join some groups related to your groups. Check for the like and comment section. Send the most active users friend request. Invite them to your group.

Within only a month you will get results. People will search for your group and join in it. They will share your post and invite their friends. Generally, your group will get much more reach.

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But keep in mind that the first time you need to post twice or twice a day to keep the group active.

Now the time is to earn money as a worker of work from home online jobs for students. When you get a good number of members in your group, you will start advertising to promote others’ pages and groups.

Really, it is a good source of income for the students especially for those students who are living in India and Bangladesh.

Online Courses and Assignment:

Work from home online jobs also include online courses and assignments. If you have a strong Facebook group that means you have a good community. Then you can sell online courses. It is called online jobs but it is actually online tasks.

There are so many students in India who need to complete their assignments for School and College. But due to the shortage of their time for examination, they cannot complete their assignment at the right time.

And it is your opportunity to complete their assignment in exchange for money. When you have a good number of members, you will ask people to contact you for their courses and assignment.

Once you get a reputation you will get just contacts and contacts and earn a lot of money just staying at home.

Online courses

But if you are more skilled in a topic or subject, you can sell courses online. You can make videos explaining a topic. For example, I can say that English tips are becoming more popular. If you are skilled in English, you can teach people.

There are two ways to sell online courses online. One is that you can make DVD courses or you can make a YouTube channel.

To promote the DVD courses you need to have a website or a strong Facebook page. But if you have a YouTube channel, you can sell them with that channel. You will make some videos free for your audience. But the most important courses will be for only the paid users.

If anyone likes your teaching, they will definitely buy your courses. That is the best way to get work from home online jobs easily. There is no investment. You just need a good internet connection.

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When you have a good user audience in your YouTube channel, you will apply for monetization to Google. If all is well and the requirements are fulfilled for monetization, Google will approve your YouTube channel to show advertisements. Then you will start earning from google ads which is a dream for many of us.

There is another way to upload your video and convince your audience. You can make a blog within Google. And on the Blogspot website, you do not need any domain or hosting. Just upload your video and write some text about the elements included in the video.

Google will then automatically promote your content. Then you can sell your product more than before.

Once you get a good number of traffic to your blog website, you will buy domain and hosting. And you will be able to make money from your website then.

Finally, I hope you understand how to get and make work from home online jobs for students without investment easily. I request all Indian and Bangladeshi students to do something online because the Job market is becoming more and more complex day by day.

And people are becoming more interested online. So, it is the best time to get work from home online jobs. I have just completed my graduation and seeking a good job. But I am not getting a job because of the high competition in the job market.

Please, keep me in your prayer.

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