Work From Home Jobs As YouTuber Without Investment

If you really want some work from home jobs, YouTubing is a good option for you. You need no investment. Probably, You are a student or an employer. You must have some extra time. In that extra time you can do YouTubing very well.

How to start a youtube channel if you work from home jobs without investment:

  • Create a brand new Professional YouTube Channel with your gmail account.
  • Make a professional logo. There are some free logo make online like . A logo can include your company name, your name or any work you like. It doesn’t matter. But You should keep in mind that a visible logo is better than other one.
  • Make a good name for your channel. Generally, people make it two words. But it also doesn’t matter. if you include your niche keyword in the channel name.
  • Make a professional cover photo for your YouTube channel. It should 2560*1440 pixels and the resolution should be for 300 px.
  • Now go to and in the setting tag do some SEO. That means use some keywords in the channel keyword section.
  • Continue uploading videos with proper thumbnail, title, description, tags.

How many mistakes a new youtuber make even the famous youtuber do and what are the real life solutions?

Youtubing is a great professon now a days. But whenever you think to do youtubing, your first aim becomes to make money. And its literally the huge money. And without thinking and researching anything they start uploading random videos.

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After a few days they have to stop their passion. The reason is simple. They are not able to continue their youtubing with the topic they have selected.

work from home jobs as youtubers

So, you have to know the errors you have taken already in 2021 to start a youtube channel. Before starting the video, I want to suggest you to understant my lines, “after studying for 23 years, a boy or girl tries to get a job of 20-30 thousand salary only.”

So, you cannot hope to  make thousands of dollars within a couple of months with just youtubing. But if your luck favours you can make that amount within a couple of days.

So, what is the first wrong decision new youtubers take while you want some work from home jobs?

Wrong decision number 1


Wrong Topic Selection While Work from home jobs

You must select a niche topic to grow you channel very fast. I have seen so many youtube creators who have dropped out just for making wrong catergory channel.

Some new youtubers examines other channels income on social blade. And when they find a high earning channel they try to follow their channel.

But but but. It doesn’t work well as they have no experience or little experience about the topic. Instantly they shift to other category. And it is another big mistake. I repeat It is a big mistake.

Okay, I am not talking too much about this topic. I am directing to the real solution.

There are some categories by default in youtube. And these are like entertainment, music, science and tech, education, sports, how to and style, education, etcectra.

Focus on this categories. Look very deeply in these categories. Find out your expertise from these categories. and select a topic. And that will be your niche.

Suppose, your expertise is in sports category. You like sports very much. So, try to make videos related to sports. Like most famous or most richest footballer right now. You can also make some update and schedule videos of football or cricket match.

If you like to read very much you can run a review channel. It will be best for you. These all are examples for you to make you understant so that you can select your niche properly.

After that try to make content regularly and upload them properly in the right time and it will be best for you as work from home jobs.

Remember that you have to make youtube understand that you care youtube. So, you love youtube. You work for youtube. And you follow youtube rules. You want to do something for youtube.

So, making niche and uploading content regularly will make youtube understand that you really care youtube. After that they will continue promoting your content.

So, at the end you need to keep in mind that the initial step for you to choose a good category in which you have some experience. You need to choose something in which you have some interest. Otherwise, after a couple of days you will stop youtubing definitely.

Wrong decision number 2

Not watching the famous.

Whatever you are making facecam videos or not. You must follow the big youtubers at the first step. Again, you need to watch many videos of their channel. You need to focus on everything of their videos. You need to do this if you really want to succeed in youtube career.

I think it is a little bit creepy for you to follow the big youtubers. But you have to agree with me that more than 90% of the new youtubers follow the big youtubers. And they are your master to reach your goal. Love them and follow them everyday life.

Wrong decesion number 3 (work from home jobs requirement)

Spams and Clickbait

Most of the new YouTubers like to do clickbait and make a lot of spam. It is another big mistake. When you comment on other big channels’ video like ‘sub me’ or sub for sub, it will be marked as spam. And the Youtube algorithm will make it spam. After that, your channel will be down forever.

Another spam is to share your videos on messanger. Suppose you have many close friends and you have sent them your videos. But they have no interest in that video. They will open it, like the video, make a comment and close it. As a result youtube algorithm will detect it as spam.

So, never share your videos to your friends who have no interest in your videos. But you can send a video to that friend who is with you and you will watch that video full yourself. That will add to your watch time. But remember not to do this trick with the same network like hotspot or wifi.

Hey new youtubers, if you follow all this tips. I am sure you will be successful one day. That day you will feed me sweet. okay. I hope to see your success.

So, the headlines are

  1. select a good category in which you are comfortable.
  2. Follow the famous and already successful people.
  3. Never try to make spam with your main channel.

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