work from home jobs for freshers without investment in India and Bangladesh

work from home jobs for freshers
work from home jobs for freshers

work from home jobs for freshers is very much interesting for all of us. Especially, the people of India and Bangladesh are more interested to make money online. In this entire post, I will explain to you how you can manage work from home online jobs without paying a single amount of money.

You are freshers that means you do not have much experience working online. But I can tell you that you do not need any online courses. If you read this whole post very attentively you will get a good conception of how you can work from home and earn some extra money online.

So, what are the work from home jobs for freshers?

The straight answer is micro-jobs. In 2014, when I started doing something online, one of my friends suggested I do some online micro-jobs. But instantly I got puzzled because I didn’t have any idea about micro-jobs.

And I thought that if these are micro jobs, they will pay me less than the bigger job. But as I was a fresher I had to do that. I started researching micro-jobs.

Work from home online jobs for students in india without investment 2021

The first time, some PTC (Paid to Click) websites came to my mind. I worked for a couple of days. But I was getting tired to click some random advertisements and there was no assurance to get paid. Consequently, I gave up doing that.

Then I came to know about odesk and elance. I opened an account as a freelancer. But literally, I do not know anything which a clients demand from a freelancer. I gave up it also.

Finally, I came to know about microworkers website. I opened an account there and started working freely.

At first, I was getting some problems but within only 2 days I was clear about the jobs.

I am suggesting microworkers website as the best work from home jobs for freshers without.

Work From Home Online Jobs Without Investment 2021

On the mircroworkers website, you need to sign up for a new account and verify it. After the verification, you will be given some small jobs and once you do those well, you will be given some more priced tasks.

The tasks are very simple.

Sometimes, you have to sign up for a website for .10 $. Sometimes you have to comment on a YouTube video or a blog post. I did some surveys or app reviews that paid me more than a sign-up task.

However, by doing all these you will get to know how internet jobs actually work. This is the best work from home job in India for freshers with zero experience and without any investment.

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