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reasons people leave your website

Reasons people leave your website can damage your aim of any business. You must have to know the reasons why people leave your website. Either make a solution or stop right now to your mission. The Reasons people leave your website.

There are some critical reasons for leaving a website. We are helping you to know. Actually, people leave your website because you cannot give them what they really want from you. However, you should get some knowledge and tricks given below.

The Main Reasons people to leave your website :

  1. The speed of the website :  The main reason for leaving your website can be the speed of your website. Your website speed is probably more than 10 seconds. People actually roam about some speedy website. If your website is slow you make sure you are losing your regular visitors.
  2. Random design : You designed your website for your own comfort, not for the visitors. You think your website is so cool  to look but it can make a puzzle look for the readers. Sometimes, readers get puzzled where to find the link. It makes the visitors look some other website that has a unique and simple design.
  3. Random posts : You make random posts to your website that is why your visitors don’t get their desired content. You should keep in mind that content is king.Read also : Profitable niche site ideas
  4. Grammatical error : Around the world, there are so many languages but English is the most used language. You don’t need to make heavy words. Just make some simple sentence that your readers understand easily. Always think of your visitors comfort not for your own comfort.
  5. Too many advertisements : You have too many advertisements in your website. When visitors turn around pages your website link shows only the advertisements which make the readers dissatisfied and leave your website. Sometimes, we notice pop-up advertisements. It is so boring and disgusting. Some visitors are unable to consider which is the post link and which is only ads. Basically, visitors want the real post link.Read also : How to do keyword research SEO. 
  6. Non-related broken link :  Sometimes, you make some links to the third-party links. Theses reasons people leave your website should be avoidable. But they don’t work or drive the visitors to some none-related link. And if it is a sexual link in a unique post, the visitors will leave your website spitting.
  7. Too many plugins : You use too many plugins unnecessarily. Visitors don’t need to look at your cool plugin.They just need a clear conception of your post. You should use only a few useful plugins.
  8. Copied articles : If you plagiarize someone’s articles  it will make a negative impact on the visitors. They will definitely not come to your website again anymore. So, don’t plagiarize and make a unique post for your readers. In this position you need to know what makes people leave websitesRead also : How to get visitors to your site 
  9. Comments : You never reply the comments of your visitors below of the post. Here your visitors lose their temper to make a comment to your content again as well as to visit the page considering you are sleeping. This is the main reason why do people leave your website.
  10. Unreadable texts : You use unreadable texts on your website. Generally, it happens when you use some translated contents by google because always you cannot find the exact translation of your article by google translator. If you don’t believe my words just check it right now. This is another main reasons why people leave your site.
  11. Autoplay videos : Your website has some videos that play automatically without the permission of the visitors. Some visitors really hate this happening. I personally hate this auto-playing videos too.
  12. Controversy topic :  You use controversy topic on your website. Some readers don’t like to read the controversy topic online.

    These are probably the reasons people leave your website. Feel free to contact us if you have any question about this post.

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