Long Tail Keyword Research VS Short Tail Keyword [explained]

long tail keyword research

Long tail keyword research is very much important for web business. If you fail to choose the right keyword, your business may be stopped at once. You might hear about long tail keyword as a marketing consultant. However, long tail keywords research will be fruitful if you know the tricks and usefulness behind it. In this entire post, I will be describing Long tail keywords. But before knowing about long tail keywords you have to have a proper knowledge about Keyword research.

What are the Keywords?

Keywords are the consistent and mixing of some syllables which the visitors use to get information from search engine by typing. The keyword may be short or long. Before posting any article one should be aware of the importance and the CPC of a keyword. And one should keep an eye on the short or long tail keyword.

 long tail keyword research

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is one kind of practice which helps to choose the right word. And it will be used in search engine by searchers. Keyword research helps you let the visitors get exact information from the search engine.

 long tail keyword research

What are long tail keyword and short tail keyword (definition)?

  1. Long tail keyword: Long tail keyword consists of some words or phrases. It is something more descriptive for the readers. Example – “How to choose the best keywords”
  2. Short tail keyword: Short tail keyword consists of only one or two words. It is not so much descriptive. Example – “Best keywords”

From the above information, we come to know that the long tail keyword gives us a clear conception where short tail does not. However, there are some usefulness and dissimilarities between these two keywords.

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Long tail keywords VS short tail keywords

  1. Conversation: While making any conversation long tail keyword makes a proper sense and short tail keywords do not. Long tail keyword makes a clear conception.
  2. Search engine: Search engine likes to get a link which is combined with the long tail because it expresses the actual meaning of the post.
  3. Business: In the business section, Long tail keyword is more valuable because people search the items with a long word.
  4. Standard: A long tail keyword keeps the standard rate of a document where short tail does not.
  5. Competition: In SEO sector it is very tough to make a business successful with the short tail keyword because every short tail keyword has a high competition.
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From the list, we came to know that long tail keyword research is much valuable than a short tail keyword in the first step of starting a website or blog.


How to find long tail keywords ?

There are so many ways online to collect long tail keywords but you have to know the easiest way to collect the keywords in a short time.

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Method 1: Using Google

  • Google is the biggest platform to research the long tail keywords. You will find necessarily related keyword every search options. Just type a short tail keyword in your Google search box. It will show you some suggestions which are most searched and related to your short tail keyword.long tail keyword research
  • Again look at the bottom of the Google search page. You will find Google related search result. It is very much helpful for your business to know what keywords are appropriate.long tail keyword research
  • In this step, all you need to do is to put the keyword in Google AdWords because Google AdWords is a free tool of Google. However, You may use this free service to research your keyword.long tail keyword research
  • Before discovering your target keyword you must focus on the CPC rate and the keyword competitions. You never look at search volume rather you should take a look on keyword competition.long tail keyword research

long tail keyword research

long tail keyword research

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Method 2: Long tail keyword research tool (Long tail keyword tool or generator)

You can use some keyword research tool for this purpose. Some tools are free of cost and some are premium. Here, Premium tools are important because they access you to discover something more while researching a keyword. Someone may think that long tail pro is the best for long tail SEO. But still, there is much long tail pro alternative. Google long tail keywords are important for the beginners. Here are some important keyword research tools to use.

So, it needs no telling that you must do long tail SEO to get success in your business. In all,  Here are some long tail keywords examples:

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However, this was the long tail keyword research strategy and research analysis. If you fail to understand any of the word or topics then please knock us. We will be pleased to help you and if you find this post helpful for your friends, please share it to your social media profile.

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