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increase website domain authority
increase website domain authority

The most challenging part for a website owner or blogger is to get a good amount of traffic. Most of the bloggers pay much attention to on page and off page SEO.

Someone even doesn’t know what is domain authority and how to increase website domain authority quickly.

On page and off page SEO may give you some temporary traffic. But to get long lasting traffics you must increase your website domain authority. And increasing page authority is also important for SEO purposes.

increase website domain authority
increase website domain authority

In the past, Google showed that website in the top of the search lists which has some valuable Backlinks. But Time has changed for now. Now, I think you are totally clear about the importance of Domain Authority.

To learn the technical methods of increasing page as well as website domain authority, I request to read this article thoroughly.

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What is Domain Authority

Domain authority is a system by which search engines determine which website will be shown in the first place of the search page. If your website’s domain authority is up to 35, search engines will consider your website as good.

And the search engines will help you to show your website in the first place of the search page.

In other words, a website page authority depends on the linked domain in several pages on your website. Most of the blogger links with the homepage URL of other website’s page.

But it will be better to link with a specific page of any particular website to increase domain authority.

To give a score of domain authority the search engines research on several factors of your website such as the number of the domain, the total number of page links, MOZ rank, MOZ Trust, etc.

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So, How to Increase Website Domain Authority Quickly

Here, I will show you 5 way by which you can easily increase domain authority. But remember that sometimes, it needs a longer period as your website age has to be grown.

1. Use Of Links: Root Factor to increase DA

If you want to create an authoritative website, design the site such a way that all the pages are interlinked each other. Create and optimize all the pages according to a relevant keyword or a focus keyword.

Use the best WordPress themes to get a better response.

By this, Google will understand that all the pages of your website are equally important. And so, to make internal links of your website is so much important.

It is very important to make the trust of the inner pages of your website which will help to increase website domain authority quickly. Now, see the method of how to do it properly.

  • Make internal links on your content page by using the related and relevant keyword of another content page.
  • Transfer Backlinks from one page to another page. Probably, you cannot understand. Okay, let me realize you. Suppose, a page of your website has a page rank of 1. And another one has page rank 2. Here, give a backlink from page rank 2 page to page rank 1 page. That’s it.
  • While making internal links try to use different keywords. Sometimes, use short tail keyword and sometimes, use some long tail keywords.
  • Use high-quality backlinks than other low quality back linked website. Be creative while making exterior backlinks. You should use a specific page link than using the home page URL.
  • Check regularly the unnecessary and broken links. It is very important for getting a good score from Google Search console or to increase website domain authority.

Always remember to post article and press release frequently whenever you get time as well. But the articles should be recognized with the quality.

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2. Differentiation of Links

Actually, it is an idea of off page SEO. You have to understand the use of differentiation of links clearly to increase website domain authority quickly.

Differentiation of links is included the methods of Off Page SEO which will determine your website by linking other’s website link on your website’s pages.

If you want to get some links from a particular website, you will probably, lose importance from Google. So, it will be better to collect the links from several websites. Thus, Google will consider it as a different resource.

For example, the bloggers try to get do follow backlinks from another website for their specific page. But keep in mind that you should not take comments or backlinks from the same website.

Getting links from the different website makes a difference in your link building. It also helps to rank for some specific pages and posts on the Google search engine.

Google never considers the links whether it comes from the comment section or content. So, increase backlinks by guest blogging, comments, and directory submission.

Sometimes, some bloggers use 2 or 3 links on a content page. Here, you need to be somewhat creative. Use the first link as of your homepage URL, use the second link of you a specific page of the website, third should be of the content page link itself.

3. Quality of the Content

Every blogger must know that the high-quality contents get position on Google’s search page top list. So, according to my making quality content is much more profitable to increase website domain authority quickly.

Here, you may ask how is it related to website domain authority. The answer is that after updating Google Panda so many webmasters had lost their domain authority just because of their fewer quality articles.

If you write a high-quality article on your website, the users will use your website as a reference. They will create more links on your website and it will make your website popular. To make high-quality content try to follow the below tips.

  • Avoid using plagiarized or copied content on your website.
  • Write unique and fresh content for regular basis.
  • Write something for the new users.
  • Keep a vigilant eye on keyword density. Never use excessive keywords. It will be considered as keyword spinning.
  • Use proper Grammar and accurate spelling in the content.
  • Write an extraordinary article.
  • Write for your website user, not for the search engine.
  • Don’t use excessive advertisements or promotional links in the content page.
  • Use title and meta tag properly.
  • Suggest relevant link you are writing.

Besides, there are some more factors which will help to “increase website domain authority” quickly. Research on your competitor. See this link how to check competitors keyword. By hosting high-quality videos on different websites you can get trust from Google SERP.

4. Increase social share to increase website domain authority

Share your content to the major search engines like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Quora. If you get more likes and comments on that content in social media, Google will keep your links in the first place.

So, don’t avoid social media. Recently, according to an algorithm update of social media ranking, if your website becomes popular in social media, your website domain authority will be increased in no time.

And it will also make an effect on Search Engine Optimization.

5. Give your website a chance to be Old

You cannot expect a good page authority for the only one-month-old website. The domain authority of your website also depends on age and popularity.

When you think that your website is full of a quality article, then think about high backlinks. So much quality contents you add to your website, so much popularity you will receive.

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How to check website domain authority

Probably, SEOmoz is a good tool where you can check your website page authority, website domain authority, and much more important information.

Make a research on Google search and you will get other free domain authority checker for your website.

Some frequently asked questions answers to increase website domain authority

Q: What does the domain authority of website mean?

A: Domain authority is a score calculated by MOZ according to your website performance.

Q: What is a good domain authority score?

A: Above 35 is considered a good domain authority score. 

Q: How do I increase my domain authority?/ how can I improve my domain authority?

A: Mainly, making a clickable link and avoiding toxic links, Working on Off page SEO helps to increase website domain authority.

Q: What is Domain Authority checker?

A: Domain Authority checker is an online tool by which you can check your website’s domain authority (all the information about your website)

Use this tool to check your website domain authority –

At last, this was all about to “increase website domain authority” quickly in 2019. If you still have the question about how long does it take to increase domain authority, Please comment below.


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