how to use google keyword planner for keyword research

google keyword planner

Google keyword planner. You cannot imagine how important the keywords are. If you are a website owner you must make a research on keyword. For this purpose, you may buy some pro keyword planner.

But before that consider keyword planner for keyword research. In this post I am going to tell you how to use google keyword planner for keyword research.

What is google keyword planner ?

Google keyword planner is a free keyword research tool actually for the advertiser. And it is also a benefit for the publisher. Still you have an opportunity to research keyword in Google  planner. You just need to follow a certain rules to get your desired keyword properly.

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How to use Google keyword planner

Using google keyword planner is very fun and interesting. First of all you must have a gmail id by which you can enter in to your keyword planner toolbar.

  • Go to this link (
  • Sign in to adwords .how to use google keyword planner for keyword research
  • Then you will be in adwords homepage.
  • Click on tools.
  • Click on keyword keyword planner
  • From the option “Find new keywords and get search volume data” select the first step to get your keywords from the seed keyword.

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  • Type your product name or service name (actually your seed keyword like ‘seo’)google keyword planner
  • If you want to know the keywords from a specific url then paste it in the your landing page box.
  • Below are some settings for you.
  • In targeting option if you want to specific country wise search volume then change your country keyword planner
  • You can change other options as you wish for a specific term.
  • Then click on get ideas button.

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  • Then you find two options 1. Add group ideas and keyword keyword planner
  • Now you can see which keywords are being used in your targeted country.
  • From your seed keyword you can now use a variety of keywords.
  • Here you must notice the competition and the search volume. You need to choose the low competition and high search volume keyword to rank on the search engine.
  • Google keyword planner for keyword research offer you to navigate fast and get your targeted keyword.

you are able to get your desired keywords by using the totally free google keyword planner to keyword research. Just give a value of this planner.

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