How to submit a sitemap to Google

How to submit a sitemap to Google 1

How to submit a sitemap to google is the next question immediate after creating a sitemap. In other post I tought you how to create a sitemap. Now, in this post I am going to show you how to submit a sitemap to google.

Submitting a sitemap to google is the processing to let google know which pages and content you want to crawl and which not. It really helps the search engine to understand about your website.

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How to submit a sitemap to Google

Step 1 : Login to Gmail

At the very beginning of this task you just need to log in to your gmail id in which you want submit your sitemap. However, after doing so go to this link ( You will get search console homepage.How to submit a sitemap to Google 1

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Step 2 : Add a property

In this section, after landing to the search console page you have to click on add a property as I tought you in other post. After adding your website homepage url. You need to verify it. See other post how to veify your site domain ownership to google. Anyway, you will discover a button named “manage property”. Click on that.How to submit a sitemap to Google

Step 3 : Add or remove user

Clicking on manage site you will get two options. Click on add or remove user. Just after that you find search console main options in the left sidebar. You only have to find the crawl option there. If found click on that.How to submit a sitemap to Google 22

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Step 4 :Sitemap

Clicking on the sitemap option you will get a option named “ADD/TEST SITEMAP” right side of the page. Type your sitemap name you got from Google sitemap generator. By default it is named as “sitemap”. Click on submit. You are done! It is very much simple process for you.How to submit a sitemap to Google 3

In short : Gmail login > Google search console home page > Add a property > Manage site > Add/remove user > Crawl > sitemap > sitemap name > submit.

You may check it after a day because search engine takes a few times to complete the process. After a day you will get your site status from here.

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