how to setup yoast wordpress seo plugin

how to set up yoast

“how to setup yoast wordpress seo plugin” if this term is your question then you are in right place. Proper seo is a must for your online business. In this entire post I am going to explain the features and the necessity of yoast wordpress seo plugin.

A wordpress site cannot be imagined without yoast wordpress seo plugin. I configures your content on your site that is a must for ranking on search engine.

Why you need to setup yoast wordpress seo plugin

You need to configure yoast seo plugin because you need to know –

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  1. if your title is seo friendly or not.
  2. how much caracters are there in the title
  3. the paragraph approach of the content
  4. how many transition words are in the content.
  5. in where of your content your are you are using kyword
  6. how many meta keywords you are using.
  7. how to set a focus keyword.
  8. if your keyword is appropriate for the title, snippet, slug or not.
  9. whether there is any stop word in your slug and if it is long or not
  10. if you forgot to use any heading. setup yoast wordpress seo plugin.
  11. the importance about the image and its attribution.
  12. about the internal linking approach.
  13. about the passive voice approach.

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In a word you will get all kinds of seo tactics in this plugin used by millions of people over the world. You just need to set up yoast wordpress seo plugin properly to get a benefit. Howeve, below is my detailed tutorial about seo plugin.

  • Installation and activationsetup yoast wordpress seo plugin

You need to install this seo plugin first and activate it. To do this go to your wordpress dashboad. (setup yoast wordpress seo plugin ) Then check the left side of the dashboard and click on plugin>add new>search yoast plugin. click on install then activate it. You will be redirected to plugin page. You are now done with the first step ! Now the main set up option you need to configure.

  • Set up yoast wordpress seo pluginsetup yoast wordpress seo plugin

After finishing the first step you will find a new option just in the Dashboard left sided list. click on SEO. you will discover all the menus of seo plugin here. These are the basic options for you as for the yoast company. You may leave it as done. But on thing you must complete here is that the webmasters tools. You have to put the verification code in the box from bing and google. It will help your to rank better.

  • Titles and metas

* In this category you will find the basic option you need to choose.setup yoast wordpress seo plugin

setup yoast wordpress seo plugin. You have to enable the two marked options otherwise it will now work while you write your content in post type.

* In Homepage section you must type your description and write the title like the image below. Then set the meta keywords for your website. you may use the category name for your meta keywords name or some other words for a better result.

* Post type offers your the options to configure the post. you may use all the enable option to get a better result.setup yoast wordpress seo plugin

* How to configure texonomies is a FAQ. However, write in the category title option like this (%%term_title%% Archives %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%)

* Archives is a critical option. I have set the two options disabled and getting good result. You may use the (You searched for %%searchphrase%% %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%) for search page and (Page not found %%sep%% %%sitename%%) for 404 page here.

* Other – keep it as it done. setup yoast wordpress seo plugin.setup yoast wordpress seo plugin

  • Social

In this option you just need to input your social media profiles url link. Then it will automatically work for ranking. You get specific option for facebook, pinterest and google+. You may also set them up.

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  • XML sitemap

It is very much important to set a sitemap. You will get this service here. However, you have enable all the options here to get a better result.

  • Advance setting

In this section you get three options . Just change the RSS feed with (The post %%POSTLINK%% appeared first on %%BLOGLINK%%.).

  • Search console

In search console setting tab you just need to authenticate your profile with google. You can change all of this setting at any time if you wish.

To sum up, above information about how to set up wordpress seo plugin is taken from my own wordpress website. If you feel any problem with this just knck us and if you feel it very important and informative then you are proceed to share our post to social media.

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