How to Find Competitors Keywords in 2 Easy Ways

find competitors keywords

Find competitors keywords in a very easy way. Keywords competition is very much important for your website as it gives you a priority to show your website top of the search engines. WordPress, a great CMS has lots of best plugins. But none give the keyword research help. However, in this post, you will get a clear and easy conception about keyword competition.

What are competitor’s keywords?

Competitor`s keywords are those keywords which your competitors use to rank on search engine. Some keywords have a high competition and some have low. But if you really want to compete with your competitors you must know what keywords your competitors are using. To get some profitable niche ideas you must know it.

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Why you need to find competitors keywords

In my earlier post, I wrote a post on How to get visitors to your site. Suppose, you are writing something on your website researching some keywords from keyword research tool but you are not getting your website top of the Google. You find some websites but they are not yours. That is the reason you need to know what keywords your competitors are using.

Once you collect your targeted keyword from competitor’s website you may gain success. To do this, all you need to do is some research. Here are two easy ways to find your competitors keywords.

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Method 1: Page source

Page source is a great way to know competitors keywords. You may open the inspect element of the targeted page. But page source can give you the detailed information to find competitors keywords. Page source method is as followed.

  • First, enter into your competitor`s website or that page you want to know the keywords from.
  • Click right button of your mouse.
  • Click on view page source. You may use keyboard command on windows as CTRL+U
  • You will be redirected to a new tab.
  • Here is the programming language of the page you want to get keywords from. But don’t panic to see those codes.
  • Find Meta title, Meta description, keywords.
  • You can use your keyboard on windows as CTRL+F.
  • Type “Meta name” on the search box.
  • Hit enter.
  • Keep a deep look on the title what should be keywords.
  • You will find the same keywords in the Meta description.
  • This is because your competitor must use keywords to these sections. Otherwise, his website wouldn’t be shown at the top of the search engine.
  • Turn back to the main page without page source.
  • Again search the keywords by clicking CTRL+F on the main page.
  • Here you will find where your competitor used the keywords.
  • In the below picture you may see “long tail keyword research” is stated everywhere. So, it is the keyword of this page.find competitors keywords

Method 2: Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a free keyword research tool including Google services. You may easily navigate it to gain your goal. Below is the easiest way to find competitors keywords.

  • Log into your Adwords account by Gmail id.
  • At the left side of the Adwords homepage, you will find several options.
  • You just type or copy-paste your competitor`s website page link on the landing page area.find competitors keywords
  • Hit get ideas.
  • You will be given many useful keywords those are being used in this page.find competitors keywords
  • You may take other keywords from here.
  • Here you should check the suggested bid of all keywords.
  • You are done.
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Above information was the 2 easy and quick ways to find competitors keywords. If you feel it useful please share with your friend.

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