Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review – Best Hosting Company Ever

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review
Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review

In this article of Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review, I am going to show you the pros and cons of Hostgator Hosting company. If you google for the best web hosting company for WordPress you can get a to chart. But Hostgator is the ultimate solution for your new business. So, let’s start the Hostgator reviews for WordPress.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review

There is a great difference between Hostgator regular and cloud hosting plan from HostGator. Before reading our HostGator WordPress Hosting Review you should be clear that this review is mostly about the WordPress cloud hosting plan. However, if your plan is a little bit different than you can skip this review.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review with the specific specifications

Every one of us expects a lot of features from the managed WordPress hosting. In this case, Hostgator gives you the priority to have all the features.

  • You can migrate any service if you purchase any plan from Hostgator.
  • You will get full access to use many WordPress themes from their Online market
    Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review
    Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review


  • Here, you will get the amazing feature. And it is the one-click restore options and the auto-backup system.

So, it needs no telling the importance of Hostgator hosting provider. In this Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review, I want to make you clear that Hostgator is the cheapest Hosting company for managed hosting. What types of services you have to follow is given below.

Supporting Options:

In this Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review, we want to add that the supporting options of Hostgator are just awesome. They give you several options to contact them. They use the phone, direct mail, live chat and the fax system.

For the first time, it may take up to 6 minutes to get an answer and sometimes, it takesĀ up to 10 minutes. But you will surely, get the accurate answer to resolve your problem.

Real Performance:

The most amazing feature of Hostgator WordPress Hosting is that it offers you up to 2.5x faster speeds. It is more than the competition rate for other Hosting company. Furthermore, it gives you the best CDN (Content Delivery Networks) solutions. Additionally, they offer their customers to scale the cloud storage and settings. It is very speedy and very dynamic to resolve the unexpected errors.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Company has only two data centers and they are

  1. Provo, UT
  2. Houston, TX

Page Speed Test Score by Pingdom

To get the page speed Hosted by Hostgator, we used a fresh website. And we also used 3 locations. The results are as follow:

  • Stockholm: 1.37 seconds
  • Melbourne: 1.70 seconds
  • New York: 0.73 seconds

This result suggests that Hostgator WordPress Hosting is appropriate for the geographic locations. And these are the best data centers as well.


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