Grammarly review: #1 Rated Grammar Checking Tool


Writing is fun and interesting to the writer if is grammar free. For this purpose, the writer has to use a grammar checking tool as well as the best grammar checker. Grammarly is the best grammar checker online as I see from past. Without a proper management of the writing, it will be fruitless while trying to attract the readers.

Why is it the best grammar checker?

You may get so much tool to check spelling and grammar online but this tool is rated number one for its immediate correction. Where ever online you write you will find your mistakes only by using this tool. It will show you the error by underlying and shows some suggestion immediately to be used as well. When you want to make a post like how to do keyword research SEO you probably have to know this tool properly.


Useable platform :

  • Online – Online platform includes Google, Facebook, Twitter and any other writing platforms where you actually write something. If you are a blog or website owner you must want to make your article accurate. And for this reason, you have to use this grammar checking tool.
  • Windows – If you are a windows user then you have so many sectors in your windows where you must use the correct spelling of words. Then Grammarly – grammar checker app or tool is the best solution.
  • Microsoft word – As the tool is only for the writing sector of work, you are probably going to use Microsoft Word as it is. Then there you also need correction of writing. It will give you an air of confidence that your work is gonna rock.

Types that Grammarly actually corrects :

  • Missing articles
  • Repetitive words
  • Misspelled words
  • Comma usage
  • Comma splice
  • Weak adjectives

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But in the premium version of this grammar checker, you will get some more valuable option to use as well. That includes the clause structure, Clause correction, etc.


Skill improvement :

Grammarly; the grammar checking tool does not merely check the errors of your writing, simultaneously it looks deeply into your strength which improves your skill of grammar ultimately. From any other section of learning, you may learn the basics of English but it is the most effective tool to be used.


grammar checking tool
Writing is fun and interesting to the writer if is grammar free. For this purpose, the writer has to use a grammar checking tool as well

Character limit of the grammar checking tool :

In their landing page you will get a little box to use immediately but if you want to correct a large file you can input it as a word doc file. After that, it will automatically show you the error result to use further.

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For whom :

This best grammar checker tool is not bound to use only for the writers online but also the students and the professionals as well. It helps everyone to correct the misspelled word and to gain the perfect vocabulary. When you want to make a checklist of your workings it is ready to help you correct the writings.

Free and premium version :

In the free version it will allow to check 250 types of error and in the premium version you can check and correct almost 400 types of words as well. You may use to learn further. The premium price of this grammar checking tool is in the following image.

Feel free to alarm us if found any error in the article.

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