How to get meta keywords for your blog post

get meta keywords

How to get meta keywords for your blog post is a very common and frustrating question for the new comers. So, today I will show you how to collect meta keywords for your blog post in a very easy way.

Get Meta keywords :

Firstly,  you need to select a seed keyword and put it in the keyword planner to know its value. Just after that you need to use google again. And the technique is to use the google related search option.

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  1. After knowing the value of your seed keyword go to
  2. type your keyword in the search box.
  3. You will be provided so many links but those are not your needs.
  4. Just scroll down to the last of the search page.
  5. You will get some related keywords to your keywords like the image.get meta keywords for your blog post
  6. These are the keywords those are being searched globally. Just keep them up as your meta keywords.
  7. Google gives a value of their keywords.
  8. Here I typed ‘blog tips’ in the search box.
  9. I got so many links. But i needed some meta keywords. Here is my result.

get meta keywords for your blog post

Besides you may use Google AdWords keyword planner to get more important meta keywords from your seed keyword. This post is showing actually the easy way to get the meta keywords. However, you might hear the name of google adwords keyword planner. It is a very awesome and totally, free tool for you.

Everyday before posting an article you can use this tool to research your targeted keyword because keyword is the brain and heart of a post to get a good result from search engine. You can have a look to the niche keyword to get an idea about what keyword you should use at the first hand.

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This was a very easy tip for you. You may read our other posts to reveal your latent talent.


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