Does Google Adsense Allows Bangla language Websites in Bangladesh

Google adsense allows bangla websites
Google Adsense Allows Bangla

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This is a common question for many days that ” Does Google Adsense allows Bangla language websites in Bangladesh?” Now the answer will be very exciting for Bangla website owner because now Google understands Bangla language.

Google Adsense now approves Bangla website for the publisher. It is not recent news in 2018. This news was published in Google Blog in February in 2017. It was an official declaration from Google Company.

Does Google Adsense allows Bangla language websites really

The straight answer is “yes”. Before February 2017 no Bangla Language websites were allowed to show Adsense ads. It was because Bangladesh was not a verified and approved country for Google. It was difficult for Google to understand Bangla language. But their algorithm now realizes most of the languages like Bangla all over the world.

To approve Bangla language websites to publish Google Adsense Ads, Google had to apply some Bangladeshi Language Engineers in their company. So, it is very good news for Bangladeshi people that they will get approved in Bangla websites.

When did Google publish this news about allowing Bangla language websites in their ad campaign?

On 27 February 2017 Google declared officially that from now on Bangla language websites are being approved for using Google Adsense.

What type of Bangla website will be approved to show Adsense Ads?

Your Bangla website may vary from English Websites according to language variant. But you have to keep in mind that your website must comply with the Adsense policy. Your sites must have minimum rich content which is helpful to the readers. Educational websites are most preferable to get Adsense quickly and to grow income very soon.

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How many contents or posts do you need to get Adsense Approved in Bangla language websites?

Bangla language websites must have a minimum of 40 posts to get Adsense. And every post should have a minimum of 500 words each that is really helpful for the readers. Otherwise, (Does Google Adsense Allows Bangla language Websites in Bangladesh) Google will consider your website as a spam website and will not all Bangla language website.

How many times Google take to verify a website?

Generally, Google takes only 3 days to verify Bangla language websites. But it may take a few more time to do the same.

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Bangla newspaper is very much positive in this respect. It is because Google Adsense approves Bangla news websites thinking very important. So you are positively advised to build a Bangla news website. You can make it if you have good expertise over news management. It is because news websites require regular updates.

Another fast approval website by Google Adsense is Education or learning. Google gives more importance to education or learning websites than others. People generally make tutorial based websites for these purposes. Does Google Adsense Allows Bangla language Websites in Bangladesh

Such as I have an English learning website

Google approves this kind of website very fast. I have made a post with both language Bangla and English.

Does Google Adsense Allows Bangla language Websites in Bangladesh

So, now it is clear to you that Google Adsense now accepts or approves Bangla websites to earn some extra money.

If you have any question about Bangla websites and Google Adsense approval tips, please comment below. We will love to read your comment.

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