How to customize wordpress free theme


WordPress is one of the most used CMS in online web developing marketplace. After buying a domain and hosting everyone keep eye on design. But every design cannot attract all the people.

You may buy a premium theme but there can be something that you want to edit. And if it is a free theme you must change some code to m
ake your own business. In this entire post, I will show you how to customize WordPress free theme.

Before customize WordPressfree theme:

Customization of a WordPress free theme requires some prior coding knowledge. It is because you might see some errors while editing the code. Actually, WordPress is the combination of PHP and MySQL database.

Someone may think it to be HTML to use in WordPress. It works but PHP is the mother language of WordPress. So, you better understand about PHP code before customize WordPress free theme.

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Customize WordPress free theme method:

To customize a WordPress free theme you need not any plugins. But I am telling again that you must know what PHP is. Don`t panic. If you fail to set any code in the editor or block your website with some bad code then we have a proper solution.

Before customizing a free themes you may give a try to

WordPress Premium Themes that have a freedom to customize.

  1. At first, go to WordPress Dashboard.
  2. As I said you don’t need any plugin, hover you mouse cursor to appearance.
  3. In the list click on the last option “Editor”
  4. It will drive you to the theme editor`s page.
  5. At the right side of the page, you may notice some menus like header.php, footer.PHP, etc.
  6. From the list, you may select anyone to edit.
  7. I have given you a precaution to follow that you must know something about PHP coding otherwise you may lose your website temporarily.
  8. However, in this step, I am giving you a technique. It is the searching item.
  9. Press CTRL+F from your keyboard and type what exactly you want to edit. It will highlight the item.
  10. From that highlighted words you may easily edit the PHP code.

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This was a code editing tutorial to customize WordPress free theme from my option. You may use another option for this purpose as well. If you feel it useful for your friends please share it to social media.

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