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Blog post checklist

Blog post checklist is very much important for a blog owner. Actually, publishing a post is very much fun and interesting. But you have to look every corner of your post to rank on search engine otherwise your all attempts will be in vain.

This checklist will give you an experience about your entire blog post. Weather or not to change any content or keyword in your post.

Blog post checklist

  1. Check if you have a beautiful title for the post.
  2. The post should be in 55-70 caracters as experts do.
  3. The first passage of the post should be a paragraph not a heading.
  4. The title should contain a focus keyword.
  5. The paragraph should contain the focus keyword.
  6. Keep your keyword density fair.
  7. Put keyword about 4-5 times in the post.
  8. Make sub-headings.
  9. one sub-heading must have the focus keyword.
  10. Bold your focus keyword in the post once.
  11. make several sub-headings containing meta keywords.
  12. Insert at least one image in the post.
  13. Name your image before uploading with your focus keyword.
  14. Give an attribution to your image.
  15. Smush the image.
  16. Use some aposition in the writing.
  17. Don`t use stop words in the title or URL slug.
  18. Use some meta keywords.
  19. Length should be between 500-1000 words (for adsense ranking)
  20. Make a bulleted list in the post.
  21. Make some internal links and it should be legal.
  22. Don`t spin article.
  23. Make sure all your internal links are working properly.
  24. Proofread it for at least once.
  25. Take a suggestion from an expert.
  26. Moreover the article should be very much informative to rank.

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Above mentioned tips are very necessary for on page SEO also. If you adapt all of this terms you are probably going to rank your posts. However, Feel free to contact us with your strategy.

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