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best wordpress plugins 2016 Google analytic

Best WordPress plugins mean the quality plugin those really help to speed up your website. However, you need best WordPress plugins because you never want to stumble down in your path.

There are tons of plugins online free. But every plugin is not useful and helpful. Some make your website load slowly, some damages the link.

We find many kinds of plugins such as gallery, business plugins, audio plugins, tracking plugins.

Here we are offering you some best WordPress plugins to make you understand the benefits with details.

Best WordPress Plugins

1. Google XML sitemaps

What is Google XML sitemaps ?  Google XML sitemaps are one of the best WordPress plugins which help a search engine to crawl data from a particular website.

If you search for SEO plugin from the add new tab of a WordPress site you may get tons of them. But you should consider that single purpose made things are really good.

In I found Google XML sitemaps top of the list.

However, This plugin really helpful for your blog. It makes sitemaps for your website. After installing this plugin you have to activate it and configure it correctly.

Then, you need to get “”. After that, you have to submit it to your google/bing search console. All done about your sitemaps. I really like Google XML plugin and Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast SEO plugin what I am using for my website.

2.WordPress SEO by Yoast :

best wordpress plugins 2016 Yoast

Yoast SEO plugin is considered one of the best SEO plugins. I think it is recommended for ever WordPress user as it makes you smile every time.

It takes a good care of your errors while doing SEO. After installing and activating the plugin you need to make some changes to this plugin because you will find some default functions. Change it as your own comfort.

Moreover, it is really necessary to change some functions. When you are all set make a post-test this giant plugin. You will find content care and SEO care.

The most important thing here is the analysis tab. It helps you understand what you need to change or include for the betterment of SEO. I really love Yoast SEO. By Yoast SEO you can verify your site owner from google or bing very easily.

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3.W3 Total Cache :

best wordpress plugins 2016 W3 total cacheWhat is Cache ? – Chace is some information based on HTML, images, server load time, lag news, etc. Someone consider cache as an unnecessary file because sometimes caches make your  website slow or break the important link. That is why you need to check or delete the caches from your site.

W3 Total Cache is a plugin with huge usages. It really cares for your all data and caches. Even when you write a post it is ready to empty your all caches. After activating this plugin you will get a new tab under the setting tab located on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard.

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best wordpress plugins 2016 WP forms 2best wordpress plugins 2016 WP formsWPForms plugin is so useful for WordPress user as it creates forms as your own wish. However, after activating this plugin you will get a new option on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard.

From the WPForms tab, you can add newer forms. Set these best WordPress plugins up and enjoy.

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5.GZip Compression

best wordpress plugins 2016 WP formsYou must have this kind of plugin as it makes a compression of your website. Actually, the general configuration of a website may make your website load slowly.

Even we get puzzled how to compress my website.

When you search in Google for “How to speed up my website” then you discover some answer “you need to compress your website”.

Now you sit on a seat saying how to do. You just need to activate GZip Compression on your site and it generally compresses and makes your website thinner automatically.


6.WP Smush :

Best WordPress plugins include this plugin. WP Smush is image optimization plugin that really works for resizing your uploaded images. Generally, when you upload an image it can carry a huge weight and it can be the main culprit for your website slow loading. In our website, you find a post that firstly carried a huge amount of KB. But after activating WP Smush, I solved this problem.

7.Google Analytics counter tracker :

best wordpress plugins 2016 Google analytic 2You made a website but you don`t know how many people are visiting your site. Then your all aim may stop in a couple of seconds. However, Google analytics counter tracker is one kind of plugin which shows the stats of a website and bounce rates. It must help you know your visitor’s state.

8.Most read posts

This plugin can be more useful for you as everyone wants something which we use most. Your visitors will be glad to get such plugin.

These are the best WordPress plugins I have ever experienced. Feel free to contact us if you have any problem with this post.

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