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The keyword is the heart of an SEO article. Without SEO you cannot think of a website to rank on search engine. If your budget is low to take a premium keyword research tool, you can use the best free keyword research tool online. Best Free keyword research tool helps you to grow your business targeting your audiences totally free of cost.

So, What is the Best Free Keyword Research Tool Online today?

Best free keyword research tool
Best free keyword research tool (image)

In most cases, people search a free keyword research tool for SEO. is considered the best free keyword research tool online. Because, in other keyword research tool, you will be given a priority to use the app for a limited time.

After finishing the time that keyword research tool stops working until you upgrade your plan. It will cost you money. But is a free keyword research tool where you can research on your keyword limitless though it shows fewer features in free version. But you can get your keyword ideas very easily.

The target of this free online tool for keyword research is a free tool for keyword research which is very suitable for the beginners. Because it gives a very basic idea about the keyword. It works for getting the keyword ideas from the seed keywords. And that is totally free of cost.

This keyword tool targets the audiences to make an interaction with the keyword finder free and when a customer feels better with the app, he will want to buy the premium version to enjoy other rich facilities.

Google Free Keyword Research Tool Online is an alternative to google free keyword research tool. Because here you will not have to make an account but it works like google. This keyword research tool gives you the opportunity to take an advantage of Google free keyword research tool which is very rare in another keyword tool.

However, it will not cost you a single penny but you will not get the competition rate of a keyword.

This online free keyword research tool works as an SEO keyword research tool free of cost. I am saying this because SEO is a matter of Search engines. You can research on a keyword for richest search engines like Google, Youtube, Amazon, Baidu, Yandex, Wikipedia, Yahoo, etc.  Sometimes, this tool is called as Google Autocomplete Longtail Keyword Tool because you get thousands of keyword suggestions for FREE here.

Why register for this best free keyword research tool?

Without registering here, you can still research on your seed keyword. But you cannot download the selected keyword list without creating an account here. You will get another facility after creating an account here.

When you like the tool for your keyword researching fact, you can easily upgrade your plan. You will not need to create an account again.

The process of research on Seed Keyword

After entering into the best free keyword research tool, you will find two boxes. One is for inputting your seed keyword and another one is for the country and language name. Enter your seed keyword and the target country name then hit on the “SEARCH” button.

It takes a very few moments to crawl the keyword list. From the left-sided list you can pick up your desired longtail keyword. The keywords you select will be shown in the right sided box. You can use them for further.

By using this free keyword research tool you can easily take the most relevant keyword for your online business. You can also save most of your time without going on a search engine for keyword researching.

The best utility is that you can upload the downloaded keyword list for deep insights about your focus keyword.

Robert Jung invented this keyword planner tool. At last, I want to convey that to rank on the first page of Google Search engine is a dream for every online marketer.

That’s why keyword research is much more important. And when you cannot effort to buy a premium keyword research tool, you have a full priority to enjoy this best free keyword research tool.

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