Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO 2019 (Updated)

free keyword research tool
free keyword research tool

Best Free Keyword Research Tool For SEO” This post will provide you a list of a free keyword research tool for 2019. Researching for a keyword is very important for Search Engine Optimization.

And it is totally the same for Amazon Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense. To select a good keyword for ranking on a search engine you must use a keyword suggestion tool.

If you are able to pick up the right keyword, your website will probably get ranked fast. To make an error on keyword research is to affect your business online.

So, keyword research is the key to a successful online business.

Something before using the best free keyword research tool for SEO

Before using a free keyword tool, you must make a brainstorming process to get the idea as per your experience. After getting your niche ideas or keyword, you may get help from Google Keyword Planner free of cost.

Type your niche idea in Google search bar. Here, you will get some related keywords as well. Do you know about the related keywords suggestions? If no, read it carefully.

The suggestions indicate that these keywords are being used worldwide.

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So, pick a related keyword according to your content. It can be in low competition in the best free keyword research tool for SEO. Look at the bottom of the search page.

It will show some relevant keywords, you may use. Note the related keywords in a notepad. These keywords are LSI keywords. Google loves LSI keywords and helps you to avoid keyword spinning.

Remember that you should research the keyword according to your online business. You should use the free keyword traffic tool to analyze the current search terms.

To be sure about this matter, you can use your country extension after Google domain like

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I use Google Bangladesh as I am a Bangladeshi. If you want to research keyword internationally you can use Different kind of best free keyword research tool for SEO can be used for websites and for Youtube also.

A list of the best free keyword research tool for SEO

1. Google Adwords ToolGoogle keyword traffic tool is a free tool of Google Service. You can get keyword service from Google Keyword Planner free of cost.

By using this free tool you can set up an ad campaign, look for a long tail keyword, research on search volume, an overall score of keyword competition. For a particular site, you can select some niche keywords from this tool.

This kind of free keyword research tool helps to discover the most popular keywords, being used and searched online every day. After that, you can decide your niche keywords.

The CPC rate from Google keyword research tool varies from time to time. It is an estimate which is not worthy enough. 

2. Google TrendsGoogle trends help people by showing the trending searches of the year. It also helps to know the trending search volume in a particular location of a country.

You can check the previous year’s search volume by using this free keyword traffic research tool for SEO.

3. Keyword EyeThere are three plan categories on this website. One plan is totally free. You can research 10 keywords every day. And you can also research 25 countries for Good SEO keywords.

But to get these services you must sign up to their website as well.

  • You can customize your research query.
  • It helps to directly compare your research query staying on this site.
  • The most interesting part of this best free keyword research tool for SEO is that you can download your researched keyword by one click.
  • The only disturbing process of this keyword research tool is its registration process.

4. Keyword Suggestion Tool: I like this keyword research tool free for its amazing feature. It helps you to see the search volume by the search engine. When you click on the search button, it automatically shows the relevant ranking websites from different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

There is an option to select your target country, language and your keywords as well. Next time, you can select some long tail keywords based on the primary keywords from this free keyword planner and keyword suggestion tool.

Most Favourite to me

5. UbersuggestTo use this keyword research tool is very easy. It is a free service of This keyword research tool was generally made to research long tail keyword.

The most amazing feature of this free keyword research tool is that it shows the ranking 5 websites. You can then have a look and research on their content. Just give it a try.

In this keyword research tool, you are free to research your competitor’s keywords without any cost. Most often, it works like the paid keyword researchers ahref

  • From Ubersuggest by Neil Patel, you can research any website free of cost.
  • How many keywords are being used on a particular website?
  • You can audit your website and know your website’s error. 
  • This free keyword research tool will show you the ranking keywords.
  • Organic visitors are visible here.

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6. Keywordtool.ioThis is a very useful online keyword research tool for its long tail keyword research. By using this tool, your seed keyword will be transferred into a long tail keyword.

In the free version, it shows only the long tail keyword suggestion. In the paid version it will show keyword competition, search volume, CPC rate, ranking domains.

But taking the long keywords from the free version you can research in in another keyword tool free of cost.

For this purpose, you can use “keyword everywhere” extension in Google Chrome. Just copy the long tail keywords from the list and open the extension. Paste your copied keywords.

It will automatically show the keyword search volume, CPC rate, Keyword competition.

7. Kwfinder.comIt is gonna be another best free keyword research tool for SEO. You can research 5 keywords every 24 hours. But to get this advance you need to register here.

Without registering here, you can research only One keyword. You may look into the paid version of the tool to get unlimited search. Cons of the tool are that it is a little bit slow as their interface.

Another Favourite

8. Keyword shitterThere is a box in the keyword shitter website. You just need to type your main idea in the box. Press start job at the bottom of the box. It will automatically run to crawl thousands of keywords.

If you don’t stop its job, it will not start automatically. When you think that these are enough, click on stop job.

In the bottom of the list, you can find the exact keywords. But these keywords will show the monthly search volume as well. From this list, you can determine what keywords you should use.

9. Keywords EverywhereIt is a Google Chrome or an extension through which you can get the search matrix as well. First, go to the google search page. Search by typing “keywords everywhere”.

Click on the first link from the search page. Install the plugin. Then, you have to register on their website to get the API key. After getting the key, insert it to the extension clicking on update setting.

best free keyword research tool
A Graph Chart of the best keyword research Tool 2019

So, The above graph chart will certainly clear your conception about the best free keyword research tool. I recommend you to use Ubersuggest for the best experience. Comment below which keyword research tool you use.

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