Adsense approval tips for beginners

adsense approval tips

Adsense approval tips are very much important for the beginners. Google Adsense is regarded as the biggest advertisement platform. Before joining this platform you have to maintain some certain rules and regulations. Moreover, you must be with your unique with your website and works. You may read throughly the terms and conditions from Adsense authority.

Below I’m showing some adsense approval tips for the beginners :

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  1. Uniqueness :

    The first thing you have to maintain is to be unique. Your article should not be plagiarized or copyscape free. Your youtube video should not the contain that is related or uploaded from others source. (Adsense approval tips)

  2. Post :

    Your website should contain at least 35+ fresh article. Each article should contain 450+ words otherwise it may show insuffient content. You create some catagories. Keep in mind that no category is empty. Every category should contain at least two posts.

  3. Speed :

    Your website speed should be as fast as you can to make it happen. Slow website is very boring and tiring for the visitors.

  4. Visitors :

    No need to worry about website traffic or visitors because Google adsense focuses on uniqueness no on visitors. It is like the quality not the quantity.

  5. Other advertisements :

    Before applying to adsense you have to remove other advertisements because it violets the rules of Google Adsense. (Adsense approval tips)

  6. Image :

    You never should use copyright image to your newly made website. You must use the real and fresh image that attracts the visitors and help them.

  7. Pages :

    Some pages are mandatory. They are about us page, Disclaimer, terms and conditions, sitemap. In about us page you may put your real informations that match the real identity with other platforms like facebook.

  8. Social media : Put the social media buttons to your website and keep in mind that every social media account is have at least 1000+ visitors (like, subscribers, followers)

    some of your website post should contain valuable comments that are helpful to the visitors.

  10. Professional look :

    Give your website a professional loook. To make this professional look you may choose a beautiful and related logo.adsense approval tips

  11. Website design :

    Make your website with a simple design that is easy to understand for the readers. You have to satisfy the visitors first then Google Adsense. Complex design is hard to realize.

  12. Navigation :

    Choose or make a very simple website design that navigates first. It is a matter of bounce rate of your website. Easy to navigate makes the visitors stay on your page longer.

  13. Submit URL :

    Befor applying to Google adsense you should submit all your URL to Google webmaster to get a better result. Feel free to communicate with us while facing problem.

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