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This is to inform you that you that the one and only admin of this website is Sajol Fuad. I have completed a graduation in web development and want to spread my knowledge. That is why I have launched this website. But only teaching is not my passion. I want to make a few

sajol fuad

a sum of money from my blog if you support and GOD wishes. However, on this website, I am trying to give all my effort to make you understand about any web developing topics you need to know and obviously that will be very much important.

There are so many websites online related to my website And the information may be same. But you have to keep in mind that some easy and important techniques are posted here. So, you may get a chance to stick with me.

I am Sajol Fuad and not famous in any social media. This is the first time I am online to survive. I am sure to be succeeded with my honesty. And I am also sure that I am not an all-knowing person. I may have also some errors and you guys all should help me and support me to resolve my problems.

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