Identify Android Mobile Price In Bangladesh Quickly


৳5000-10000 | ৳11000-20000 | ৳21000-40000 | ৳40000+

Camera Phone | Gaming Phone | Average Experience

Android Mobile is very much exciting to many of the young boys and girls. But the mobile devices we are using today was not same in the past. Before 2008, it was an era of feature phones or Button Mobiles. Those mobile were of only use for calling. The ringtones, themes, color were the most exciting matter. Some button mobiles were like hammer and too much heavy. But day by day, the world of mobiles was improving faster. Then came smartphones. Nokia N-series was probably the first smartphone.

It was the time when customers started to get a little bit quality phone with good Camera. But it will be foolishness if anyone compare those mobiles with todays phone.

At the very end of 2008, HTC Dream came in the market as the first Android mobile phone to lead and suggest other brands. After that we are observing the day to day changes and improvement of android devices. Internet browsing got popular in 2012 when Our country got 3G networks. Now we are experiencing 4G networks with the speedy internet.

Choices vary from person to person. For this reason the various companies bring out various modeled mobile with different designs and specifications.

Someone may be fond of online games. So he should focus on gaming features like Processor, RAM, etc. On the other hand, those who are fond of beauties, the should have bought a good camera phone.