Reviews of 5 top web hosting company in Bangladesh

Top web hosting company in Bangladesh means to have all the credentials the customers want from. You need to select the best hosting in Bangladesh if you want the get the best hosting services.

Today in this post I am going to teach you about the best web hosting company in Bangladesh. But before starting you should know something important about the “top web hosting company in Bangladesh” as well.

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Must know before selecting top web hosting company in Bangladesh

Some web owner just wants to know about the only domain and hosting price in Bangladesh. They go to a hosting website and randomly buys a hosting plan. That is very good for beginners. But as an experienced user, you may not take the worst hosting plan ever.

You should be alarmed that there are no hosting resources in Bangladesh. All hosting company in Bangladesh take the Reseller Hosting packages from the main server. The main server may be located in California or New York. The business of Hosting is a very profitable business and so nowadays, whoever has a handsome amount of money opens up a Hosting company. But it is not a bad profession at all.

Domain and Hosting price in Bangladesh depend on the market price all the year. You may get a “top web hosting company in Bangladesh“. That is very good because it will save your money. But will it give you the best hosting service? Will you be satisfied with that hosting company? Make a question yourself and also produce an answer yourself.

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If you are satisfied with your hosting package, then please go ahead. But if you are frustrated to buy a plan, then make a research on some reliable hosting companies in Bangladesh. If you are unable to choose the best hosting service living in Bangladesh, you may have to suffer in the long run with your blogging career.

Finally, a list to top web hosting company in Bangladesh 

Domain Registration in Bangladesh is another important service of the web hosting companies. To buy a domain is as simple as drinking water. This is not our topic. Let’s check out the top web hosting company in Bangladesh. 

top web hosting company in Bangladesh

1. Web Host BD

When I think of best web hosting company in Bangladesh, web host bd comes up on my mind. At first sight, it may not seem very user-friendly. But later on, you will understand that they serve for the beginners to the advanced level user.

this top web hosting company in Bangladesh offers 30 days money back guarantee with 100% surety. Optimized Control Panel is an amazing feature of the site. They use Optimized Software to the servers. Weekly Backup, they provide, gives you the priority to recover your data carefully. Auto updates, Friendly support, and Strong Server protections are some another services of this Bangladeshi hosting company.

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This hosting company was founded in 2012 and still providing domain registration, hosting, SSL services to the customers.

2. Dhakawebhost:

top web hosting company in Bangladesh. Dhakawebhost domain and hosting company in Bangladesh is situated in Dhaka with their great service. There is only one bug in this hosting company and that is their service. In other hosting company, you will get 24/7 services available. But honestly saying they provide service till 10 p.m. However, their other services are well enough. Their customer representatives are very much humble to the clients and the customers as well.

Like other domain and hosting company in Bangladesh, they offer the domain rate starting from 800 bdt as a top web hosting company in Bangladesh. And their hosting package starts from 600 takas. And it is available with only 500 MB hosting plan. It is kinda funny but they have also other higher packages as well. Recently, they have upgraded their PHP service. In past, their hosting plan contained 7.0 PHP  version. But they have upgraded it to 7.0.2. After upgrading their PHP version, now all the services are working so fast than before.

I am a user of Dhakawebhost. And I am enjoying 2 domains and a hosting plan from this company. Above all the rating from me to this hosting company is 4 star as well.

3. MyBDweb:

Those who don’t understand the critical function written in English, I suggest them to use this domain and hosting company in Bangladesh. I am saying this because this Bangladeshi hosting company has designed their website in Bangla language. It will be very much helpful for them who are not enriched in English.

I especially, like their user interface. It is very smooth and easy to use. I did not buy any domain and hosting from this Bangladeshi hosting company but I like their services.

I think their customer service is well enough because when you are at the first time on their website, you will be shown a pop-up chat option. This chat option proves their well-planned customer services as well.

4. HostingBangladesh:

A dynamic domain and hosting company in Bangladesh is hosting Bangladesh. They start from a cheap hosting service. And it is 400 tk which gives you 100 MB.

Unlike other domain and hosting company in Bangladesh, you will get all the information about hosting plan in the homepage of their website as well.

5. Eicra

There is no complain about the user interface. It is really very fast to scroll. You will definitely enjoy their user interface. I never used their any plan. That is why I cannot tell more about the domain and hosting a package of this company. But I found this company in the top list of Gooogle Place service with 4-star rating.

There are so many people who look for the cheap hosting company in Bangladesh. The cheap web hosting company may give you some few features free of cost. But in the long run, they may ask you to pay some extra money. Cheap domain and hosting company never spend their own money. They, of course, use your money. So, you are required to use the top web hosting company in Bangladesh.

How to find the top hosting company in Bangladesh?

There is a very simple answer to this question. At first, you need to research on the domain and hosting company. I know that still, you don’t know how to research on a hosting company. Here is a solution for you.

  • Go to a good hosting review site. Watch their user rating and real-time reviews. If the customers are satisfied with the hosting plan, you can easily determine with the company.
  • Ask the user of that hosting company. If you have any friend using a service from that company, how they are getting support from the hosting customer.
  • Before buying a hosting or domain try to contact with the customer service operator. At first, they may seem very humble to the new customers. But by doing this you may get a positive solution about hosting guide.
  • Visit their site with a slow network to testify their site speed. You can test their site with Google Page Speed Insight.
  • Check their payment option. Probably Bangladeshi web hosting companies offer you Bkash service to pay the bill.
  • Compare your desired hosting company with other company.

This was all about top web hosting company in Bangladesh. If you feel any problem, comment below.

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