Skrill: Effective Online Payment Gateway

Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, has been serving from 2012. Their official web link is Skrill is considered as an effective online payment gateway in all over the world. Additionally, this online payment gateway is considered as the alternative of  Paypal because it is supported in most of the high-official websites. As an example, many of the shopping and freelancing sites. Many of the countries have no support of Paypal. That is why this gateway is the blessing for the freelancers. It works like Paypal in speed and safety.

Reason to choose this effective online payment gateway

By using this online gateway one user is capable of transferring money without knowing his banking details only by the email address he uses. There are about 40 Million users of the online payment gatewayonline payment gateway which is supported by about 200 countries with the service of 41 currencies. More than 1 lakh 50 thousand company use Skrill as their payment system and the most remarkable sites are eBay, Skype, Thomas Cook.

Methods to register here

To register here is very easy which can be completed within a couple of seconds and that is absolutely free. But to enjoy the complete service of this awesome online payment gateway you must ensure some steps. Skrill verifies 3 things from the user to ensure the real identity.  They are:

  • the verification of address
  • verification of Bank Account
  • And the verification of Credit/Debit card.
Verification of Address

After login to the “My Account” page click on “verify address” from the Account status section. Then, click on “send me a verification letter”. Skrill will send you a verification letter to your address with 6 digit code within a couple of weeks. After getting the code login to your my account page and click on verify in the profile section. After that, you have to input the 6 digit code. And finally, you can now able to transfer or receive money by this online payment gateway.

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Add a Bank Account

If you want to cash out your money with a Bank, you have to add a bank account from my account page. In this step, you have to give the SWIFT code, Bank location, Account number, etc. Instantly, you can receive your money but Skrill will tell you to verify the Bank account. Then, you have to send $5-6 to Skrill from your Physical Bank. Bangladeshi people cannot do that as the terms and conditions don’t support. They can do as follow:

  • After getting payment from any freelancing site withdraw the money by Skrill at least once. You will be able to withdraw money for two times without verification.
  • Then, on the My Account page, you will get email support option. Click on it. Complete the process by collecting your papers from Bank and uploading the materials they need accordingly.

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Add a debit/credit card

The people having a debit or credit card can easily transfer the money from Card to Skrill account. At present, most of the freelancers use Payoneer Master card and it has many benefits. But this card allows the users to withdraw money only from ATM. There is no connection with Bank. If you want to save your money firstly, you have to withdraw the money from ATM. There is another bug in this Payment system of Payoneer Mastercard. So, you can do that easily with the awesome online payment gateway.

To do this, firstly, add the Mastercard to your Skrill account. After completing the verification process clearly select Credit Card Option by clicking funds from the upper menu. Then, input the 3 digit code from the back side of your card as CVV2. Mention here, how much money you want to transfer from the Mastercard to Skrill account. After clicking on the next button your money will be transferred to your Skrill account. After that by clicking on the withdraw button send your money to your Bank account. The charge is only 1.9% to transfer money from MasterCard to Skrill. Without using the online payment gateway you will be charged up to 3% per withdrawal in ATM service.


  • Upload Funds from bank transfer, Boku, Bitcoin, fast bank transfer, klarna, Netteller, rapid transfer, Trustly as Local Payments are absolutely free.
  • AMEX, Diners, JCB, Visa, Paysafecard, SWIFT are also absolutely free of cost.
  • Withdrawal charge for Bank transfer is 4.76 GBP.
  • Visa Card withdrawal charge is 7.50%
  • SWIFT withdrawal charge is 4.76 GBP.
  • Send money fee is 1.45% that is 0.43 GBP.
  • Recieve money is totally free.

To get more info go to Skrill Suppor page.

Skrill App on Google Play storeSkrill App (Android) and Skrill App (iPhone). Install this app to stay connected with the best online payment gateway.

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