Propeller ads review : A guide to monetizing your website with high CPM

So much online ads providers I have seen PropellerAds is one of them. In this article, I will be showing the Propeller ads review. PropellerAds is an ad provider from which you can monetize your website, software very easily with a great profit. You can easily engage your audiences with this providers. What is in this Propeller ads review

So, What is in Propeller ads review ?

Great eCPM and globally coverage: Among the ad providers PropellerAds offer you the best way to monetize your unique audiences and the highest revenue per visitors.

Propeller ads review
Propeller ads review (image)

Automatically optimized density for the highest revenue: Their innovative optimization systems work automatically for the elimination of the unnecessary need for the tracking down. This works with the Ad tags in the campaign selection.

Revenue Boosting ad units: You will find the provider very easy to set up revenue-boosting ad units.

Setup Process: The setup process is very easy as you firstly, need to sign up for a free publisher account and it will instantly approve your request. There is no need to wait for the approval. Then you, have to install the code they provide you.

You just need to copy the ad code and place it on your website or mobile app. Their system will automatically start optimizing your revenue. Just wait and earn. Happy emotion!!

Monetization Toolkits: You can monetize everything whatever your main topic of the website or mobile app is. You can monetize your websites, your mobile apps, Web-based software, Games (Online+Offline), Social groups like social sites fan page.

Varieties of Ads:
• Onclick Pop-under ads
• Mobile web ads
• Banner Ads
• Direct links
• Video Ads

Key to Publisher Success: In this Propeller ads review I want make you clear that Propellerads are guaranteed with 100% malware free so you are assured not to risk upsetting your visitors. The ad serving solutions and the optimization process is flexible. There are a personal account manager and the responsive support team for the unique client or publisher.

You are always welcome to the analytical system as it marks the pros and cons of your revenue. You may earn up to 5% referral income by their referral programmes. They have a very flexible payout for the publisher.

Some answers asked by the publishers as per the propeller ads review:
• For every 1000 impressions, you get CPM rate. The impressions are not dependent on the location, website category, device category.
• Whatever you have a poor traffic rate, you are welcome to make an account free of cost. But they don’t approve those websites having adult contents, malware and any contents that violate their terms.
• You can use other ad networks while using PropellerAds.
• If you like you can remove any ad campaign from your website at any time. That will not effect on your account.
• Their payment methods are PayPal, Payoneer Global Bank transfer, EPESE, and Webmoney.

Propellerads Payment Proofs:

Propeller ads review
Propeller ads review (image)

That was all about propeller ads review. Hope you will start your monetization journey with propeller ads.

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