My GP app Review

Bangladesh has five networking companies. GrameenPhone is the strongest and most powerful company in our country. The topic of today is my GP app review. If we notice that we will understand that GP internet is the fastest internet all over the country. They have published an application on android play store. And that is very much useful for the user of GrameenPhone SIM. So, let’s begin the My GP app review.

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My GP app review

Before starting the app you need to switch on the network connection by you GP SIM to get a better result. Because it works with GP sim well.

Homepage: The homepage of this app is very stunning and dynamic. All the necessaries you need are shown on the homepage. Such as, you will be shown you GP balance, your remaining internet balance, Your current call rate and you SIM package name. These are the short and useful information set up on the homepage.
FnF: By using this app you don’t need to dial any code to change or set any number as your fnf number. You just need to go to the fnf button. Then you can set any fnf number from your phonebook. Even you don’t need to input the number by pressing your mobile keyboard.

Flexiplan: Flexiplan is a great system of a My GP app Review because from this menu you can buy your desired internet package. At the same time, you can buy minutes and SMS. It will save your money and time. Otherwise, you have to dial the code that is so boring for us.
Bundle Offer: There is another option that is the bundle offer. From this option, you can buy your bundle package which will be much fun and interesting.

Recharge: If you have a GP wallet account you can easily recharge your sim with this option. Here you need to input your mobile number and how much money you want to recharge. Even you can manage your plan from this option line.

Rewards Points: This is the most exciting option for me. Because, when you buy a package whatever it is internet package or minute package, you will get rewards points according to their chart. And when you need internet package but don’t have money, then you can buy an internet package by exchanging this rewards points.
Profile: In this app, you can make a profile by which you can get a better result. Your profile requires a little information.
Weather: There is another important option in this app. And that is the weather news. You just have to switch on your location system from your mobile. Then it will automatically show you the weather news like the temperature and the weather condition within your respective location.

Notification: In the notification option you will get the news related to the GP SIM company. There is some valuable information that we don’t get from the mobile message option. And so, you can think of it as an alternative.

Hope you have understood the usefulness of this great app. If you want any more review please comment below. And if you feel any problem you can knock in my Facebook ID. Thank you all.

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