how to verify domain ownership by google webmaster

You probably want to know how to verify domain ownership by google webmaste. It very much simple for you if you follow a certain tip. However, All  you need to do now is to go to google site verification page.

Why you need to verify your domain ownership ?

Suppose, You made a beautiful house on Government land. Then you need to verify your land. Just like that you are using Google and you have to verify your site domain. Actually, Google loves this term of website owner.  You can certainly do that. Let`s start.

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Step by step guide :

  1. First Go to this link
  2. Click on add a property.
  3. Put your website to verify domain ownership google webmaster
  4. You will get several options here. I choose HTML verification.
  5. It is so easy for you. Go to your wordpress site editor.
  6. Put the verification code to verify domain ownership google webmaster 1
  7. Then turn back to the page and click on verfy and you are done !

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Verified website is more likely to be visible on search engine especially on Google. That is why you need to verify domain ownership as soon as possible.

Sajol Fuad, an expert blogger and SEO, affiliate marketer has a passion for spreading knowledge to the newbies and the feeders. – Thank you

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