How to Get Traffic to Blog for Free in an Easy Way

This article will cover the question, “how to get traffic to blog for free” Everybody wants to know ‘how to get visitors to your site’. According to us, everybody wants to get his or her website top of the Google search page.

How to get traffic to blog for free with Easy Method

And it is a happy moment to see one’s web page appearing on top of Google. Sometimes someone gets disappointed to see the top one searched page. They get frightened whether they are able to make SEO for their site or not.

You are here because you want to know how to increase blog traffic for free. And so, this is the SEO tip for you to rank in Google. Firstly, you need to know exactly how to get your blog  noticed by Google.

What is SEO?

The full spelling of SEO is search engine optimization. Actually, SEO is a process of letting a website appear on the search engine. There is so many search engine to index your website like Google, yahoo, Bing, start surf, AOL, etc.

But everybody wants to rank on Google, yahoo and Bing. When you make a post for your website you must want to get it appear on a search engine. SEO helps to increase blog traffic fast. These are the definitions of SEO. But you have to know all the branches of search engine optimization to Get Traffic to My Blog for Free.

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Classification of SEO and Working tactics for Newbies

SEO tips are classified into two parts and they are on page SEO and off page seo. All others branches of SEO are included in these two classifications.

So, What is On page SEO

In this section, we let you know what is on page SEO and what is included in this section. They are given below.

Domain name : Choosing domain name is considered a critical technique as it helps to rank. However, if you are making a niche site you must need a keyword in the domain. When you check the availability of your website name you find it is not available most of the time. But don`t be hopeless.

How does a perfect Domain name help to increase your blog readers

Make a long domain name though it is not preferable to making a domain name short is a good idea to remain and bookmark. Always try to make the domain name short.

Keyword : Keyword is king. But what is the keyword ? The keyword is that word which is searched by the visitors in the search engine. Such as you came to this page by searching

‘how to get visitors to your web’ or ‘seo tips to rank in Google may be. Use your preferred keyword to your title and content.

Too much usage of keyword in the page, we consider it as spam. So, be careful of keyword density. But how to choose a keyword ? You can use Google trends, SEMrush, Google search dropdown, word tracker, etc.

Title : Title is that line which appears on Google search page and gives an entire view of content. What your visitors or readers are going to read the content we state in the title.

So, it is a summary and the real answer of how to Get Traffic to Blog for Free. Keep it 60-65 words long or less. Use you keyword in the title also. The title should be relevant to your content.

Content : Content is the main part of on page SEO. In this section, you must include your keywords frequently in the different sentences. The title is heading tag so you don`t need to include any other h1 tag in the content section.

But you should include h2, h3, h4 tag in content. Make some bullets or lists to understand the topic clearly. Don`t use duplicate content or plagiarized as search engines hate this activity.

Don`t make any post with translated content because it cannot express the full meaning. And there a lot of grammatical errors.

XML site map : XML sitemap is such kind of map that crawls your website when you update your articles. It is a service of the search engine. You may make your XML sitemaps from Google awards. Here you will also get keyword research tool.

Using tag : Below of your post you can use some tag as it helps to rank. Suppose your article is car related then you tag may be “car specifications, car news, latest car”.

Meta tag and meta description : If you are using Word press then it is so easy for you to use some important metal plugins. But if you edit your site with HTML then you can edit your HTML code for meta tag and description. Meta descriptions are shown on a search page.

Adding the picture : Picture helps to grow some extra visitors. When you upload a photo to any of the posts is aware of making an alt name of that photo. Name your images, customize it for better performance.

Don`t use the low quality image and always try to avoid uploading images downloaded from Google.

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Then What is Off page SEO

Off page, SEO is nothing but to share your website as well as different post to the social media platforms to refer to grab some visitors. However, it also helps to crawl some visitors and to make a popularity to the general people.

Facebook : In a Facebook account you can create a page related to your website and suggest your friend invite their friends. You should also do it regularly. Because, Nowadays, Facebook has become a popular social platform. Make a post every day.

YouTube : YouTube is a video sharing platform. You can make a channel related to your website and upload some videos “how to use our website”.

If your website is in online shopping category you can make the video of “how to order a product to us”.

If your website is how to related then you can make some “how to do anything” videos. Or you can make a video of the ‘about us’ page of your website.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Reedit, Dig : These are some popular sections of social platform. You can sign up and share your website in there.

Forum posting : Forum posting is a good way to get visitors but the forums should be in high PR. Suppose, your website is car related then search on the search engine like this ‘forum:car’.

Then sign up and post your article in that forum suggesting or helping others to solve a problem.

Social bookmarking , Back link : We call these two sections as the giant technique. While applying for back link you should be careful about your website fulfillment.

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